Troubleshoot Kindle Fire Issues – Are you Looking for the support to troubleshoot Kindle device issues? If yes, then did you got the right technical support who can provide best troubleshooting services for all types of Kindle fire Issues? If not then you are at right Place. Mitecus is here for your help.

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On November 19, 2007 Amazon gave an astonishing gift to those who love reading by introducing first ever e-book named as ‘kindle’, which was a big success for Amazon. Readers across the word appreciated this product. Now, you don’t have to carry many books with you while you are travelling this gadget is truly amazing for book lovers. Kindle fire was launched in 2012, it holds the 33% of tablet market for Amazon. Since then the kindle has been upgraded and revamped with new features and models.


We cannot complete relay on technology sometimes things go wrong with them too same is the case with your kindle fire. Yes! Even kindle fire can cause you trouble. If your kindle fire stop working or face some sort of problem then don’t lose your cool, we will get you out of that trouble by providing you simple steps so that you enjoying your reading.

Types of Solutions You Got in Our Kindle Troubleshooting Support

If Kindle fire cause problem, keep calm and follow these steps below:


First of all you need to understand the problem, instead of rushing in panic you should firstly check for the basic things like weather the screen is not turning on, may be you need to charge your device or your kindle’s battery may not be properly place in it. Go for basics!

Manual could help

Every kindle device comes, the manual which provide the direction of use to the user. It is also available on Amazon’s website. Manual provides a lot of solution for your basic problems if you read it carefully you can solve it by your own. It has all kind of solution for hardware issues software issues and for account access information it is very helpful designed by the experts to help you out.


Our Kindle Fire Troubleshooting Support Services

Problem: Kindle Fire not connecting to PC

Many people face problem while connecting their Kindle Fire, HD, or HDX to their desktop PC. Problem is generally faced while trying to move files and the message pop on screen “The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected.” Perhaps you can’t get it to show up under Computer as a drive, so there’s no way to drag and drop files.

Call our Kindle Fire troubleshooting Support (Toll Free) – 877-690-9305


  • Firstly turn of both your pc and kindle on and off n number of times.
  • Check the charge of your kindle fire.
  • Try different USB cable wire.
  • You should also try different USB port.
  • Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit must be installed if you are using window XP or Vista PC.

Problem: Kindle Fire Device won’t charge

Customers had often complaint, about the charging problems in their kindle fire. Some said their kindle doesn’t charge at all, while some kindle were partially charging and faced the problem of  slow charging. Always try to use original charger of kindle this will not affect you battery.


  • Make sure you are using the cable that you got with your Kindle Fire HD. Using another charger will work, but it might take longer and it can cause synchronization problems with the battery monitor will not display accurately how much battery has left.
  • Try the charger with other device to make sure it is working.
  • You kindle might have loose points in such case connect Amazon and get it replaced.

 Kindle Fire Screen flickers

If you are facing flickering Kindle Fire screens problem. Then we have solution for you. People come across this issue with apps or games, while others are suffering from it constantly. It may be a pulsing flicker or a fast temporary flickering.

Call our Kindle Fire troubleshooting Support (Toll-Free) – 877-690-9305


  • If you have a cover then it might be interfering with the brightness sensor. Remove it and see if something happens. You can also try manually setting the brightness to a specific level.
  • Try the Mayday feature to contact Amazon.

Problem: no sound through earphone or speaker

Many have reported about the sound problem on kindle. Let’s see the possible reason behind this.


  • Turn the power of device of for 20 sec turn it on. Unplugging the earphone while tablet was in asleep could also cause this issue.
  • You may also have a faulty jack or speakers static or distortion, headphone jack produces audio then you should to contact Amazon and get a replacement.

Kindle Fire Troubleshooting “An internal error occurred”

“An internal error occurred” you might have seen this several times when trying to load particular app


  • Turn router off and on again.
  • Turn off the power button on your Kindle for 20 seconds and then turn it on again.
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap More > Applications > Installed Applications and find the app that won’t load. Tap Force Stop and OK, and then tap Clear Data and OK.
  • Make sure that the date and time are correct by swiping down from the top and tapping More > Date and Time.
  • Try deregistering your Kindle Fire HD by swiping down from the top and tapping More > My Account > Deregister. Now register it again and see if that worked.

Call our Kindle Fire troubleshooting Support (Toll Free) – 877-690-9305

So if you are facing any issues related to kindle and want to troubleshoot kindle fire device then feel free to call our toll free number as mentioned below.